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Congratulations! We are so excited to see what God is going to do in your life as you begin this new chapter. It is not an accident that God has brought you to the LifeLine Home website. It is our deepest hope and prayer that as you embark on this journey toward restoration, you will experience God’s incredible love and truth all along the way – resulting in lasting change and new-found purpose that will remain intact for the rest of your life!


Our men's house is located in National City, CA 91950

Our women's house is located in San Diego, CA 92154 just east a few blocks out of Imperial Beach

We do not publish the addresses for our homes due to safety concerns

If you are interested in placement and a tour, please contact us at the phone number, at the bottom of the page, to set up an interview.


Our vision is to help residents maintain a victorious sober life filled with faith and purpose, in a safe faith-filled family atmosphere. LifeLine homes are a Christ-centered structured accountable clean and sober family atmosphere, which is designed and operated through the cooperation or RealLife Church. Our hope is that every resident will find their true life purpose while being connected to the Body of Christ. The goal of the following rules and regulations is to be a good representation of Jesus and good witness to outsiders.


Lifeline Homes exists to help men and women find and live the real-life of freedom and purpose God always intended them to live in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.

Whether you've recently detoxed, completed long-term treatment, or have been in recovery for years, you are welcome with us. It is our hope for you to find new freedom in Jesus.

The question is, will you pause for a season to find lasting freedom?
Exodus 14:14 "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

The key in discovering this permanent freedom will not be found in rules, steps, how many days you have clean, or by any strength you can gather on you own - self-help will not master your struggles. The freedom you seek will ONLY be found in knowing, following, and surrendering everything to Jesus Christ. Your director, pastor, fellow residents, and church family are all here to support you, as your stay in the LifeLine Home will be filled with times of discovery, hard work, wonder, joy, pain, emotion…..this could potentially be the hardest mission you ever face. But rest assured that every ounce of energy you pour into your recovery will be exponentially compounded and concentrated by the aid of the Holy Spirit, who promises to be our Helper.

Phone: (833) 332-5433

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