An inspection of a resident’s room or possessions, as well as drug, alcohol, may be done at any time, as deemed necessary by program staff or RealLife church pastoral staff.

All drugs, alcohol, vape machines, drug paraphernalia, weapons, pornography, lighters, or other items that have been deemed inappropriate are forbidden in the home or in the possession of a resident. These items will be confiscated and disposed of properly (such items will not be returned). The resident staff will decide if any further action is necessary and proceed accordingly.

Upon entry into the LifeLine Home, you will be subject to a criminal/legal background check. Your resident staff will need a copy of your ID, your full legal name, date of birth, social security number, and your last known address on a residency application. All results of the check are confidential, will be emailed directly to the senior pastor, and shared with your resident staff . Registered sex offenders, or any individual who has a conviction of a sexual nature will not be accepted into the LifeLine Home program.

Every resident must maintain good personal hygiene, and abide by LifeLine Home Dress Code.

Sexual activity of any kind will not be permitted while in the home.

Profanity, cursing, gossip, back-biting, and back-talk is not permitted in the LifeLine Home – words should be used to build people up.

Good neighbor policy

Residents are expected to respect everyone in the home through positive communication and actions.

Residents are expected to respect and honor all assigned leaders in the home, church, and community.

Curfew is 10:00pm no exceptions

Quiet time it at 10:00 pm

All areas are to be kept clean and uncluttered at all times.

Infractions will result in a written warning. 3 written warnings may result in dismissal.


Mail is to be collected by staff only. staff will distribute all mail daily.

All small appliances that require electricity must be approved by the resident staff

No space heaters, wax melters, candles, or open flame devices are permitted for residents use in any area of the home.

No pornography is to be kept or viewed in any medium or on any device while residing at a LifeLIne Home

Cable is not provided by the LifeLine Home. Residents may have cable installed in a single residency room only with permission. No Dish Network exterior home modifications will be permitted.

A personal cell phone is required for residency, at your own expense. No common phones or landlines will be permitted. Any change in phone number must be communicated to resident staff.


Single bedroom rent is $800 per month and shared spaces with bunk beds are $450.00 per month due upon move in. A security deposit is required equal to the amount of one month rent due upon signing of a residency agreement.

Prorated rents will be assessed on any residency not beginning on the first of the month.

Rent includes electric, water, sewer, garbage and wifi. Rent does not include food, cable, medical, or any transportation costs.

Payments may be made by money order, PayPal (with added fee) or online transfer made out RealLife Church and given to resident staff no later than 5pm on the first of the month. Payments more than 2 days late may result in dismissal and loss of deposit.

All deposits will be returned upon vacating the premises in a clean and move-in ready condition. All rents must be up to date and 30 day written notice given in order to qualify for returned deposit. Fees will be charged toward any cleaning or repairs necessary caused by the resident at the rate of $25 per hour.

Any damage done to the facility or furnishings by a resident during their residency will be charged to the resident due in the same month.

A 30 day notice is required when planning to leave the program.


All residents who reside at a LifeLine home must obey all laws of the land.

Only one personal registered vehicle may be parked/kept in proximity to a lifeline home per resident.

Any vehicle must be registered to the State of California with current tags or it must be moved immediately.

A valid CDL must be held in order to keep a personal vehicle onsite.

No parking in the driveway for residents. You may park on roadside as permitted by law.

Insurance policy must be maintained for the entire duration of a personal vehicle being kept in proximity to a home.

No transportation will be provided by the program. All transportation to and from work and to required meetings shall be the residents responsibility.


Residents must dress appropriately, neatly and modestly at all times.

Under garments are required, and must be appropriately covered.

Clothing should not be overly tight, too baggy, short or revealing in any way.


Residents must provide their own food.

For any meal that a resident prepares for self only, all dishes need to be washed and put away, and surfaces wiped down.

For any family style meals partaken by the home as a group, dishes will be assigned in the chore rotation.

All food should be eaten in assigned dining area(s)

No food is allowed in bedrooms, for any reason.

Each resident may keep personal food items in assigned locations in the refrigerator/freezer and cabinets only.

All food shall be stored in covered containers, or properly wrapped;

Perishable items shall be refrigerated or frozen in designated areas.


Mandatory participation is required in the following meetings:

Friday evening at 7pm for House Meeting & Bible Study

Celebrate Recovery—Weekly participation is mandatory.

Church Service participation on Sunday Morning at RealLife Church 10:00am until dismissed (service is completed) is required.

Morning devotions not mandatory but highly suggested.

Be respectful by refraining from talking to others or engaging in other distracting behavior in the sanctuary/gathering space.


Each resident is responsible for keeping their own first aid items.

Residents should follow their doctor’s orders regarding prescribed medications. However, we reserve the right to ban any medications that have addictive potential.

Prescriptions or medicines must be approved by staff upon receipt of prescription

No medications that are narcotic or psychotropic in nature will be allowed in the home. LifeLine Home residents who feel they are in need of these sort of medications will need to find another residence to resume, or begin these medications.


Residents are encouraged to maintain a bank account and not keep sums of cash on premises.

LifeLine homes are not responsible for theft of any personal items from the LifeLine home.

All residents must be honest in regards to paying of taxes and employment must be in a regular job and not under the table.

No resident is permitted to work at any job within the sex industry or anything having to do with drug paraphernalia or as a bartender.

Personal storage is not provided or permitted in any common areas.

Resident bedrooms or bathrooms may not be cluttered and only personal items fitting into personal space are permitted.

No water beds are permitted.

Residents are not permitted to drill into walls or hang up pictures without express written consent of management and are not permitted to make any changes to furniture or residential building


Family members and friends may visit the home but are only permitted in common areas. No one is allowed in bedrooms without the express permission of the Pastors of RealLife Church.

Residents may not stay out overnight unless nature of leave and details are discussed with resident staff and Pastors of RealLife Church.

Residents should completely avoid the use of drugs, alcohol when on visits and will be tested if necessary when they return.

No resident may have an overnight pass with a member of the opposite sex or any romantic nature during their stay in the home unless it is a spouse or an immediate family member.

No house visitors may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or may smoke, vape or chew tobacco while visiting a LifeLine Home.

An overnight non-romantic visitor may stay the night with the permission of the Pastor of RealLife church if they rent their own room. (Not permitted in shared bedrooms).

No bed sharing—one resident, one bed. No exceptions


When conflict arises, all residents and staff need to be committed to resolving issues in a healthy, peaceful manner. As Jesus-followers, we find an outline for conflict resolution right in the Bible, in the book of Matthew, chapter 18 – these are Jesus words to us directly, and He gives a sound pattern that applies to any conflict that may arise in our lives. If you struggle with keeping your temper or anger in check ask for help.

Start by praying, and asking the Lord to help bring peace.

Speak soft, slow, sweet, and calmly with the person/people you are in conflict with – see if you can’t arrive at a peaceful resolution on your own. Listen to their point of view. Be humble.

If you can’t solve the issue, or tempers begin to flare, then ask your resident staff, or an older LifeLine Home resident to help mediate. Set up a time when everyone has cooled off to discuss what happened and what could be done differently in the future.

No bullying, fighting, violent behavior, or intimidation will be tolerated in a LifeLine Home.


Residents of a LifeLine Homes will not engage any public display of affection on premises including, hugs, kissing, or any other cuddling, etc..

No Homosexual relationships of any type will be tolerated in a LifeLine Home.

No Sexual activity of any type is permitted on premises including self-sex.


Upon 3 written warnings of infractions a resident may be dismissed from the program and will need to move within the 30 day period.

Dismissal of a resident is never taken lightly, and will seldom result from a quick decision. Before dismissing a resident, staff will consult with advisory personnel. Before a decision is made prayer, and discussion will take place between your resident staff and pastor. When dismissal of a resident is warranted the actual procedure of the dismissal is as follows:

  • The dismissed resident is informed of the offenses(s) for which he/she is being dismissed.
  • The dismissed resident is given an opportunity to pack his/her belongings. Residents are not permitted to take any furnishings belonging to LifeLine Home. This will be supervised by staff.
  • The dismissed resident must take all personal belongings with him/her when they leave. The LifeLine Home will not be responsible for any belongings left behind.
  • If a resident is dismissed from the program, they will not be re-eligible to re-enter any LifeLine Home until a minimum of 90 days has passed.
  • If rents are not paid by the third day of each month, the residency agreement will be terminated.
  • Any violence, criminal activity resulting in incarceration, or failure of a drug or alcohol test, or any sexual misconduct will result in immediate dismissal from program.
  • If a resident is dismissed or leaves voluntarily without notice, rents that have already been paid will not reimbursed.