Intake Process

phone call begins the intake process. You may have contacted a our pastoral staff, a local resident staff, on the LifeLine Home intake line, or contacted us via our website.

  • All prospective residents are interviewed over the phone. If the client meets our entry criteria, there will be a formal interview scheduled.
  • The LifeLine S.L.E. Resident Handbook will be read out loud with the prospective resident.
  • A residential agreement must be signed before any personal items are moved in or space is assigned.
  • First month rent and deposit equaling one month rent is required upon acceptance into the program. (see rents & deposits & payments)
  • Upon arrival, client will be required to fill out all necessary forms and will be given a tour and welcomed into their new home. They will be assigned a room or bed if opting for a dormitory style room and one is available.