Sponsor or Drug/Alcohol program reference required—Must be clean and sober for 3 months and will be on probation for 3 months

All residents must be 18 years or older.

We do not accept anyone on psychotropic or narcotic medications, or any prescription that will alter your mental faculties in any way – only life-sustaining medications will be permitted.

Residents are not permitted to smoke cigarettes, vape, or chew tobacco on the premises of a LifeLine Home. You must walk to the end of the street or drive off-site for this kind of activity.

We do not admit sex offenders. All incoming residents must submit to a criminal background check. These clearances are completed by a staff member at your local RealLife Church. Results of this background check will be viewed confidentially by the pastor of your church, and shared with your LifeLine staff member on a need-to-know basis.

You must have a job and ability to get your self to and from work and all mandatory meetings. If resident becomes un-employed at any time, accountable job search activities will be performed daily, during approved hours until gainful employment is secured. Proof of search may be required. Paystub or employment verification will be required

Acceptance and signature of all written rules and agreements is mandatory before residency will be considered.

No pets are allowed on premises at any times and are not to be acquired by resident at any time during residency.

All residents must be able to climb stairs, residency will not be considered for handicapped individuals. We do not accommodate wheel-chairs, walkers, canes in the program.

All rooms and common spaces are furnished. Any personal furnishings are subject to management approval. No furniture may be removed from premises for any reason.

Residents must have the ability to purchase their own food, clothes, hygiene products. None of these items are provided for you.

personal cell phone is required for residency, at your own expense. No common phones or landlines will be permitted. Any change in phone number must be communicated to resident staff.


LifeLine Homes are structured accountability environments.

Residents must sign in and out during the day stating the purpose, location and time of return of each exit from the home. Residents must be home by curfew, no exceptions. All residents must stay in timely communication with resident staff members if plans change or anything comes up that is outside of previously stated locations and times. Job schedules may be approved on a case-to-case basis

LifeLine Home are sober living environments—Residents are not to be under the influence of any drug or alcohol during their residence. Random drug tests may be administered by residential staff or pastoral staff at any time without notice. Failure of any test may result in dismissal from program and immediate loss of placement.

LifeLine Homes are Christ-centric - the goal is to foster spiritual growth and involvement: Your attendance and participation in all weekly house meetings, celebrate recovery, and church at RealLife Church is highly encouraged. Residents are provided with tuition scholarship at RealLife Church Ministry Training Academy. (Required books must be purchased by residents if involved in the academy).

LifeLine Homes are group living cooperations:All residents are expected to participate in the running of the household. House chores are to be completed thoroughly and with a good attitude. All common and personal areas are to remain clean and uncluttered at all times.

LifeLine homes are gender specific—No women (or males who identify as a woman) are permitted to stay at the men’s home and are not allowed in non-common areas or unsupervised. No men are permitted to stay at the women’s home and not allowed in non-common areas or unsupervised.

LifeLine Homes are like a family—in any family rules are meant to help cohabitation and foster healthy living atmosphere and relationship, but these rules, in this book, are subject to change at the discretion of the senior Pastor of RealLife Church as new situations arise that haven’t been covered in the scope of this document.


Single bedroom rent is $800 per month and shared spaces with bunk beds are $450.00 per month due upon move in. A security deposit is required equal to the amount of one month rent due upon signing of a residency agreement.

Prorated rents will be assessed on any residency not beginning on the first of the month.

Rent includes electric, water, sewer, garbage and wifi. Rent does not include food, cable, medical, or any transportation costs.

Payments may be made by money order, PayPal (with added fee) or online transfer made out RealLife Church and given to resident staff no later than 5pm on the first of the month. Payments more than 2 days late may result in dismissal and loss of deposit.

All deposits will be returned upon vacating the premises in a clean and move-in ready condition. All rents must be up to date and 30 day written notice given in order to qualify for returned deposit. Fees will be charged toward any cleaning or repairs necessary caused by the resident at the rate of $25 per hour.

Any damage done to the facility or furnishings by a resident during their residency will be charged to the resident due in the same month.

30 day notice is required when planning to leave the program